Educational Objectives

In an environment that is becoming increasingly culturally aware, Su Escuela Language Academy readies students for life by striving for fluency in a second language and mastery of their native language through the presentation of all subjects—World History and Geography, Literacy, Science, Mathematics, Art, and Music.  Introduction to a third language will maximize success and complete a student’s transformation to a well-rounded, globally-aware individual.

We understand that high performance is achieved through a highly academic curriculum instructed in a new language.  Research shows us that students who sit through instruction in a second language usually learn better than those who study the same subjects in their native language.  In working toward total fluency in the second language, students are more likely to think and function naturally in both languages and attain a high level of overall competency.

Su Escuela Language Academy’s main educational objective is to ensure that every student, no matter age or circumstance, attains fluency in the second language. Our educated immersion teachers help to make this objective a reality. To help students understand the second language and begin to adopt it themselves, Su Escuela teachers use a variety of educational techniques. Visual cues, manipulatives, and concrete experiences combined with facial expressions and body language help to convey the spoken language.

Classes are structured around thematic units with an emphasis placed on creating a solid foundation of basic skills and knowledge upon which to build further understanding of content as it is taught.  The second language is simplified in terms of syntax, speed, and inflection in order to both emphasize specific vocabulary and expand a student’s capability to articulate clearly.  As students progress in the language, teachers use linguistic paraphrases, exemplification, and literacy as tools for building upon comprehension and application of the language.

Because Su Escuela constantly strives to meet the needs of the students, we are constantly changing and adapting our curriculum to better serve our learners.  Our faculty meets regularly to redesign, update, and restructure lessons and units to meet the ever-changing standards of thoughtful, globally-minded education as well as the needs of our students.  Hands-on learning is favored so that a student’s ability to make connections is maximized inside and outside the classroom.

Exposure to a second language has a number of benefits, and Su Escuela capitalizes on each of them by structuring the programs in such a way that students have the opportunity to take advantage of all the school has to offer.  Our faculty works as a team to meet the Spanish educational and curricular objectives, and teachers rotate throughout the classrooms in order to expose children to different teaching methods. As a result, students feel comfortable expressing themselves to anyone in the second language from an early age.  This teacher rotation creates a familiar environment that helps students understand their schedules and daily routines by connecting times and subjects to specific teachers. This exposure allows children to use the second language naturally and easily throughout the day as they build upon their comprehension and mastery of the language.

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