Message From The Founder

SELA STAFF 2018-39Welcome to Su Escuela Language Academy!

I hope that you and your child will enjoy discovering all that we have to offer you here at our school. At Su Escuela, we strive to treat every child that walks through our doors as a whole person rather than part of a collective, and we seek to meet his or her individual needs as a member of the Su Escuela community.

Experience has taught me that every child has a unique learning style, and each student absorbs information in a way that is particular to him or her. With our student-centered curriculum, we hope to help each child succeed academically and socially while reinforcing their independence and individuality.

Our full-immersion programs and linguistically immersive environment helps our students to succeed by improving their cognitive and critical thinking skills. Research shows us that children learning a second language often surpass their peers who sit through instruction in the native language. They usually test better and develop a more developed understanding of their own language. Not only will children come away from their time at Su Escuela fluent in a second language, they will also be more aware of their role as global citizens of the world with a deeper respect for the value and richness of our culturally diverse societies.

As you visit our website, I hope you enjoy learning about our school, our team, and our programs. The only true way, however, to discover what sets Su Escuela Language Academy apart from other schools is to come and visit us in person. So please, schedule an appointment for a tour, come to a classroom observation, or simply drop by for a visit and we will gladly tell you more about what we do here. Thank you, and welcome to Su Escuela Language Academy.

~ Message from Sandra Pasten-Baldeon, Founder of Su Escuela Language Academy

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