Our Philosophy

At Su Escuela Language Academy, our philosophy is to put our students first and to treat every student as an individual, rather than part of a collective whole. Our student-centered curriculum allows the focus to stay on the needs of the students, and each child in attendance has the ability to progress at a pace appropriate to their unique learning style. We are focused on meeting the needs, challenging the abilities, and cultivating the interests of every child that comes through our program. We acknowledge that a student’s voice is central to the educational experience for every learner, and we value and honor that voice in each of our students.

Su Escuela Language Academy seeks to help students advance through hands-on instruction. By creating a positive and dynamic learning environment, Su Escuela helps students develop into independent, confident, flexible learners. At the culmination of a student’s time at Su Escuela, he or she will be self-assured, self-reliant, and self-aware in addition to being fluent in a second language.

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