Parent Reviews

“Su Escuela really enrolls the family. We were not considering pre-school until much later but kept hearing great things. The facilities are great, the teachers marvelous and most importantly, my child is thriving. As full-time working parents, we really enjoy the social gatherings of the Parent’s association. We are thrilled with the program and will be sending our younger child even sooner.”

-Monica Staples

“(My son) is always excited at going to Su Escuela, he talks about how much he loves his teachers and friends.  I can personally see how confident and loved he is when he’s around the staff.  They know him by his name, make him feel loved and important.  I feel extremely happy to see him in an environment that builds his self-confidence and motivates him to grow, learn and be himself.”

-Diana Aguirre

“I love the quality of the teachers, the structure of the curriculum and the pace at which my toddler learned to speak another language. As a young toddler, he learned most of his basic vocabulary in Spanish first- his colors, numbers, etc. This is because the teachers are constantly reading, speaking and interacting with the students, reinforcing language and culture.  Learning is engaging and hands on and the teachers are extremely creative and dedicated to their students.  It is quite extraordinary to witness!”  

-Aimee Sargent

 “We enrolled our daughter in the Su Escuela Language Academy’s Kindergarten program after she was wait-listed for our neighborhood school’s full-day Kindergarten. At the same time we were looking for opportunities to introduce her to a foreign language at a young age and found very few options in, and around, Boston. We had seen Su Escuela Preschool brochures around town, but it wasn’t until we stumbled across a Saturday afternoon program with Su Escuela teachers at the Hingham Library, and learned the school was starting a Kindergarten program, that we decided to enroll her. Our biggest hesitation was that no one in our family had any prior exposure to Spanish. What we found was that the total language immersion approach (as well as the amazing teaching staff) allowed her to communicate almost immediately and after only four weeks she was having no trouble speaking in class or understanding her teachers or classmates. Three years later and it is hard to imagine her anywhere else. She is now entering the school’s inaugural year of third grade and we couldn’t be happier with her experience. Our primary reason for enrolling in Su Escuela was to give our daughter the gift of fluency in a foreign language, what we hadn’t anticipated was all of the additional gifts the the school has given her. She is reading and writing in both English and Spanish above her grade level, while also learning to read and write in Mandarin. The math program is exceptional – complicated concepts are introduced early and often and the small class size allows teachers to personalize their lesson plans and let each student proceed at their own pace, meeting and exceeding Massachusetts curriculum standards. In addition to the school’s high academic performance, there is a strong emphasis on creativity and curiosity. The teacher’s enthusiasm for performance has helped our naturally shy daughter overcome any hesitation she might have about speaking in class or performing in front of audiences. Group projects showcase how well she and her classmates work together and provide countless leadership opportunities. I would suggest to prospective parents that if they are looking for an alternative educational experience for their child – one that will foster creativity, challenge them academically, and provide the gift of foreign language fluency no other program in the greater Boston area can compete. Even with little or no prior knowledge of Spanish you will be amazed at how quickly your child will be speaking, reading, and writing. Our family’s experience has lead us to believe that we wouldn’t find teachers as dedicated to their student’s success as those at Su Escuela in any other public or private school and we continue to be grateful that we are able to provide our daughter with this unique elementary school experience.”

-Jeannie Ingram

“Our son benefitted immensely from studying Spanish at the after school program at Su Escuela. Su Escuela’s program was the perfect supplement to his Spanish studies in middle school. Quentin learned so much from the inviting, excellent instructors at Su Escuela, and we felt confident enough in his progress, and mastery of Spanish, that we sent Quentin to a 4 week Spanish immersion camp in Cadiz, Spain this summer (2014). Had Quentin not attended the after school program at Su Escuela, we’re not convinced he would have been ready or prepared for this intensive camp, but he is thriving and doing great in Spain studying Spanish and living with a Spanish host family. We would recommend Su Escuela to any parent desiring to give their child a “leg up” in mastering Spanish.”

-Jeff & Melanie Martinous

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