Early Years

Our Global Early Education Curriculum was designed knowing that every child develops and thrives best when given a nurturing, loving, academically challenging, and responsive environment. Our curriculum creates meaningful experiences for children that extend their cognitive, linguistic, physical, and socioemotional development. SELA curriculum is based in a very unique curriculum developed by Su Escuela which is then integrated with The Early Learning Guides of Massachusetts.

SELA understands that children develop at different rates and therefore provides a student-centered curriculum which helps us to learn the differences in learners, their learning styles, individual needs, interests, and routines. Our role is to be a facilitator of this learning process thus we offer an environment rich in challenging and age-appropriate activities. Each age level (Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Junior K) is divided into 9 different levels, each covering 8 units of study. In this way, each year and throughout the year students are always progressing by consistently being challenged and engaged in the classroom. All units detail the principles of active learning through adult-child interaction, daily schedules and routines, observations, and evaluations of what and how students are learning.

Su Escuela’s full immersion Vertical Coherence Curriculum provides an opportunity for students to build on what they have learned previously and the lessons reinforce knowledge across the units and levels. SELA curriculum has a logical sequence so that students are learning the knowledge, concepts and skills that will progressively prepare them for a more challenging, higher–level work.

Flexible Scheduling

Su Escuela Language Academy offers flexible schedules including half day and full day options.  We also offer morning and evening extended hours to accommodate busy families.

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