Elementary School

As a Spanish elementary school, Su Escuela Language Academy expects to have every graduate achieve real fluency in a second language (Spanish). Because fluency in a second language clearly enhances the ability to learn the third language, K-5th Grade students also take a third language (Mandarin). Su Escuela students will subsequently graduate with a high proficiency in Mandarin and fluency in Spanish.

Every subject at Su Escuela Language Academy’s primary school is taught by building a solid foundation.  Concepts progress from simple to sophisticated and complex, allowing students to write and read fluently and develop the proper comprehension, spelling, and syntax in the second language.

Our K-5th program is a private elementary school that combines our Spanish Curriculum with the Core Knowledge Sequence as well as the Massachusetts state standards.  Kindergarten and First Grade are taught 80% in Spanish and 20% in English, with English instruction increasing as students progress through the grades, reaching up to 80% in Fifth Grade.  Immersion students attain the same level of proficiency as students in all-English programs in reading, speaking, and listening. They equal or surpass their peers on standardized tests.

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