About K – 5th Grade

As a private school, Su Escuela Language Academy  expects to have every graduate achieve real fluency in a second language. Because fluency in a second language clearly enhances the ability to learn a third language, K-5th students take a third language, Mandarin (Chinese). Su Escuela students leave with high proficiency in Mandarin and fluency in Spanish.


Every subject at Su Escuela Language Academy  begins by building a solid foundation.  Concepts progress from simple to sophisticated and complex to procure students to write and read in an intelligent way and have the proper comprehension, spelling, and syntax of the language.

In Su Escuela’s  Kindergarten through Fifth Grade private school, we work with a curriculum that combines our Spanish Curriculum along with the Massachusetts state standards.  Su Escuela students equal or surpass their peers on standardized tests.

Su Escuela Language Academy is proud to provide teachers with the necessary skills to achieve higher level of learning through tailored instruction.  All Su Escuela teachers have bachelor degrees in education, several with masters degrees, and many more with specialties in language, speech and mathematics.

Students attending Elementary School grades K – 5th are required to wear uniforms. Uniforms are available for purchase through Land’s End.

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