Elementary Curriculum


As a fundamental piece of our elementary school curriculum, both Spanish and English Literacy segments focus on developing emerging literary skills.  Su Escuela Language Academy students work on demonstrating phonemic awareness, increasing semantic, phonetic, and structural skills to become an effective reader, and building active and responsive listening skills through experiences with conversation, stories, songs, and poems in the respective languages. Students in the Elementary school begin with 20% of their day instructed in English. This percentage gradually increases as they progress through Elementary school.


Su Escuela Language Academy’s Math Program combines the Scratch Program (Scratch is a programming language that was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) with Robotic labs offered to students K-5th Grade. Students are provided opportunities to approach problems from a variety of angles and participate in thoughtful and varied practice over the skills they learn.  As they  learn new facts and operations, they consistently review and reinforce previous concepts by incorporating the principle of incremental review.  Once a concept or skill is introduced, it is consistently and regularly presented in future exercises, gradually increasing in depth and difficulty to cultivate a child’s automatic understanding of the process. Mathematics is taught in Spanish for grades K-3, and in English for grades 4 -5.


Students explore all concepts in science in a hands-on way. By starting with the scientific method, students observe the world around them and observe concepts in a concrete manner.  As the content progresses, students will already have a grasp on the basic material.

World History, Geography & US History

Students begin by studying maps, graphs, and charts as a way to establish a solid foundation for the subject.  Students explore the world through different ways while always connecting it to concrete experiences. World History, Geography, and US History are taught in English.

Music & Visual Art

Students discover different artists, composers, and works of art. They learn to concentrate on the characteristics and differences of paintings, sculptures, mobiles, artists, composers, musical groups, and can identify and describe instruments and their sounds. Music and Visual Art is taught in Spanish.


Mandarin begins by starting with the basics-introducing yourself, counting, naming colors and shapes, etc.-and will move forward to emphasize conversational speech and writing.  Students are able to converse to each other and their instructor upon leaving the program.

Physical Education

Students experience physical fitness and healthy exercise under instruction geared to enhance gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and promote team work while introducing basic sports techniques. Physical Education is taught in Spanish.

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