Group or Private Lessons

Full Immersion Spanish or Mandarin

Prior exposure to Spanish or Mandarin is not a requirement to enjoy and learn in Su Escuela Language Academy’s After School program, which consists of children’s Spanish language classes, as well as instruction in Mandarin. Upon completion of the first year in the program, our students have a  high proficiency in understanding the second language and expressing themselves in short phrases or sentences.

Students learn the language through unique interactions which help convey the dynamics of the language in a natural way. Our teachers are intent on engaging students in a way that all of them learn the second language.  By playing games, students build vocabulary and learn the basics of communicating their needs. With time, they create their own stories and projects to share with their classmates.  Students are expected to complete short assignments at home to review what they have learned in class. Our teachers make themselves available to students to explain instructions, answer questions, and to help them understand their assignments.

  • K-12 (7 students per class, divided by age and skills)
  • Monday – Thursday
  • 3:45 pm -5:45 pm
  • 1 Day per Week  (32 Weeks /64 Hours per year)
  • 2 Days per Week (32 Weeks/128 Hours per year)
After School Referral Program:
Do you know anyone interested in learning Spanish? Do you have any friends that are looking for a program that is unique and fun for their children? Welcome to Su Escuela Language Academy’s new referral program!
Su Escuela Language Academy is pleased to offer a new referral program for families enrolling in the After School program for the 2015-2016 school year.
If your family refers 2 new students to the After School program, your family will receive a one-semester credit (for one child) in the After School Program.
Requirements & Details: Both new students must enroll for the 2 semesters, and tuition payment for the 2 semesters must be completed by December 1, 2015. Your family will receive a one semester credit, for one child 1 day per week in the After School Program (a$1200 value). Your family’s semester credit will be applied to the second semester and will show on your second-semester bill.
 Our son, Quentin, benefitted immensely from studying Spanish at the after school program at Su Escuela. Su Escuela’s program was the perfect supplement to his Spanish studies in middle school.  Quentin learned so much from the inviting, excellent instructors at Su Escuela, and we feld confident enough in his progress, and master of Spanish, that we sent Quentin to a 4 week Spanish immersion camp in Cadiz, Spain…We would recommend Su Escuela to any parent desiring to give their child a “leg up” in mastering Spanish.
-Jeff & Melanie M.


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