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Students do not have to have prior Mandarin exposure before enrolling in our Mandarin classes at Su Escuela Language Academy.  Upon completion of the first year in the program, students are expected to have a high proficiency in understanding the second language and expressing themselves in short phrases or sentences.

Students learn the language through unique interactions which help convey the dynamics of the language in a natural way.  Students will play games to build vocabulary and learn the basics of communicating their needs and with time, they will be creating their own stories and projects to share with their classmates.

Apart from teaching the language of Chinese, Su Escuela teachers provide an introduction to Chinese culture, famous cities in China, history of China, Chinese food, traditions, holidays, etc. Vivid pictures and Chinese songs are used to interest students in learning Chinese.

Program Information

Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5:45

Grades K – 12th

Classes organized by language skill level and age


Private Tutoring Available from 3:00-6:00pm for grades K-12th


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Enrollment is available per semester

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