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spanish-groupStudents do not have to have prior Spanish exposure before enrolling in our After School Program at Su Escuela.  Upon completion of the first year in the program, students are expected to have a high proficiency in understanding the second language and expressing themselves in short phrases or sentences.

Students learn the language through unique interactions which help convey the dynamics of the language in a natural way.  Students play games to build vocabulary and learn the basics of communicating their needs and with time, they create their own stories and projects to share with their classmates.  Students are expected to review what they learn at home by completing short assignments that complement academic lessons. Su Escuela teachers are intent on engaging students in a way that all of them learn the second language and they make themselves available to students to explain instructions, answer questions, and to help them understand their work.

After one year of education, Su Escuela Language Academy after school students are often placed in advanced foreign language classes at their respective school.  After two to three years of continuity, students should be placed in advanced academic classes in middle school and AP classes in high school.

The Beginner Program focuses on providing students with the ability to ask and answer simple questions, communicate in phrases and use the common verbs “to be” and “to want” to form complex sentences.

The Intermediate Program focuses on advancing students’ ability to speak and write using new verbs and vocabulary in their correct context. Students will use a variety of strategies to demonstrate and comprehend using contextual clues and informal speech.

The Advanced Program applies principles and practice from the Beginner and Intermediate levels and extends students ability to converse and write summaries of factual text and literary work.  Students will be able to identify and use reliable sources to succeed in writing essays on a variety of topics and appropriately use formal and informal language in the correct context.

Program Information

Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5:45

Grades K – 12th

Classes organized by language skill level and age

Enrollment is available per semester

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