Language immersion is where students learn the core curriculum in a target language. In other words, once students step foot inside SELA, they are fully immersed in Spanish. At SELA: The International Private School, students begin the Early Global program with 100% of instruction in Spanish. The target language percentage relative to English instruction is slowly reduced as the student progresses through elementary school and middle school. Learn more about the specific percentages in our SELA Immersion Model.

Benefits of an Immersion Curriculum

Develops critical thinking skills. Students learn to tap into their prior knowledge and experiences as they attempt to solve a problem. Develops communication and social skills. Students must learn how to clearly articulate their ideas as well as to collaborate on tasks effectively by sharing in group projects. Students exchange ideas, learn to “negotiate” with others, and evaluate their contributions in a socially acceptable manner. Encourages alternative methods of assessment. Engaging the creative instincts develops a student’s ability to express knowledge in a variety of ways, including transferring the new knowledge to real life. Helps students transfer skills to the real world. Students adapt learning to the real world, gaining problem-solving skills and the ability to do a critical analysis of a given set of data. These skills enable the student to adapt to a constantly changing real-world environment. Promotes intrinsic motivation to learn. Effective teaching recognizes and validates the student’s point of view, so rather than being “wrong” or “right,” the student reevaluates and readjusts his knowledge and understanding.

SELA Immersion Model

What if we don’t speak Spanish at home?

Approximately 83% of our students who attend SELA do not speak the target language of Spanish at home. The small student-teacher ratio ensures that not speaking the target language at home does not affect their learning at all. SELA accepts students at all grades, no matter if they have had prior language exposure. Within our Elementary School SELA has a Transition Program to ensure new students succeed.

Transitioning to SELA

Introduction Meeting:

At the time of enrollment, families are invited for individual visits with the Admissions and the Elementary Directors. We talk about the process and individual goals. At this intro meeting, you will receive a packet that outlines your child’s transition to SELA.

Student Evaluation – IXL:

IXL is a personalized comprehensive learning tool, with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics. IXL meets the unique needs of each learner by diagnosing and assigning short explanations and practice problems specifically targeted to address any learning gaps from the individual ongoing diagnostic tool. IXL will be used for both Math and English.

Attend Summer Program

New students are asked to attend, in person, a minimum of 3 weeks of our Summer Program to provide a fun introduction to the school and the Spanish language. Schedules are available for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week with flexible schedules.

Check-In Meetings

Two general check-in meetings are scheduled with the parents during the first trimester. The first meeting is with Admissions, the next is with the Elementary Director and specific teachers if necessary. Of course, if there is a need to schedule additional check-in meetings beyond these three, they will be scheduled.

Tutoring with your Teacher

Beginning the 2nd week of August, all new students are asked to attend two hour-long tutoring sessions with their teacher, each week. This helps ease the transition from their independent learning and put it into practice prior to the start of school.

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