2-6 Grade Field Trip

SELA is pleased to announce that the 2nd-6th grader’s second field trip of the year will be to the Patriots Hall of Fame! Here, students will participate in an interactive STEM education module “How Does Equipment Ship?”!

Entry cost: 6 dollars for transportation only, please make a check out to SELA and seal it in an envelope attached with the field trip form.
 ***A special thank you to SEPA for covering the entry cost of this field trip for admittance!***
Chaperones: All teachers 2-6 (there will be no parent chaperones for this field trip)
Students: Students will need to bring a large breakfast-based “snack” in addition to a bagged lunch. Please make sure that all food items are tree nut and peanut free. Students are also allowed to wear their school gym uniforms on the day of the field trip.
Due date for field trip forms & payment: Thursday March 17th. Please submit these forms to your child’s homeroom teacher. A digital copy and a paper copy will be sent home with all students.

The event is finished.


Mar 29 2022


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