National Foriegn Language Week

Each year, the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MAFLA) celebrates “Foreign Language Week” during the first full week of March. National Foreign Language Week is a celebration of World Cultures and the importance and benefits of learning about different countries and regions around the world.

Early Global (Infant – JuniorK): Every morning during this week we will have a parent presentation in each of our classrooms. We are inviting parents to participate in doing a short presentation of a country to their child’s class. Please note that all presentations will be from 10:00-10:30 am, and we will not be offering any slots on Tuesday, March 8th. We ask that parents choose to prepare a simple craft to do with the students or have a song/dance to teach them.

Please email and if you would like to participate or need any special materials, speakers, supplies, etc. before Tuesday, March 1. Each presentation will be for an individual classroom, so if you have multiple children in SELA, you can sign up to present in each class on a different day, or you can choose just one class to present. We look forward to sharing with you a week full of culture and language!

Elementary School (K-6th Grade): Our Elementary faculty and students eagerly await our parent volunteers’ presentations for National Foreign Language Week! We cannot wait to learn about various heritages and cultures centered upon countries and regions such as Italy, Slovenia, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico while stamping our “passports” and traveling the world!

Additionally, SELA Elementary invites all families to participate in the creation of our first-ever multicultural cookbook! To participate, please fill out this form HERE no later than Wednesday, March 9th. A digital edition will be included in the weekly update on March 11th for all families to read and enjoy!


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Mar 07 - 11 2022


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