Valentine’s Day


SELA’s EGE students will be learning about love and friendship while being introduced to the holiday of Valentine’s Day! We will celebrate over the course of two days with reading time in the classroom, craft time, and a special party in our gymnasium.

Monday February 13th, and Tuesday 14th, 2023.

SELA EGE classrooms

Additional Information:
Students are invited to wear Valentine’s Day colors both days (white, red, pink, purple, etc.). It is not required that anybody send Valentines in, but if your child would like to send in something special for the other students in their class, they are more than welcome to bring in Valentines. Please make sure that all students in the class are included. We also ask that if you choose to send in any Valentines, they do not contain any food or candy. Any Valentines sent in with food items will not be distributed in class and will be sent back home with your child.

The event is finished.


Feb 13 - 14 2023


All Day