COVID Health Checks and Daily Forms for all families!

Part of our reopening plan requires that families perform daily health checks and sign a daily attestation before dropping off at SELA.

Early Global Daily Screening: Click here

Elementary Daily Screening: Click here

Our Commitment to Distance Learning during COVID-19

Each day at SELA we are committed to providing our students dynamic, valuable, fun, immersion-based learning opportunities and this did not change during the onset and duration of strict COVID-19 closures. The past year, we produced useful and sustainable virtual learning experience for all grade levels from infants through grade 6, using both Zoom and Google Classroom.

Even though we are back in school full time, as educators and parents during this unprecedented time, it is vital that we understand the necessity of flexibility, patience, and ability to change course if needed. At SELA, we are committed to continually monitoring the situation and staying abreast of changes and best practices in virtual education and classroom continuity. As these things evolve, so will SELA.

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