School of Early Global Education

Our school of Early Global Education offers a unique, nurturing, academically based program where children can explore, play, learn, grow and feel loved each day while developing skills in both their native and target language. We seek to nurture each child’s natural cognitive, emotional, and physical growth, setting the stage for successful learning and social relationships in the future. Our School of Early Global Education is a full-immersion Spanish program.


3 months – 14 months  Student: Teacher Ratio – 7:2  Children while immersed in the Spanish language, develop a range of social skills, and learn to play and work with others while exploring basic math, science, music, and art concepts. Teachers inspire the joy of learning and discovery each day!


Ages 15 months—2.8 years 2:9 Teacher/Student ratio Toddlers at SELA acquire basic skills in reading, writing, science, math, music, and art. Our students continue to learn skills for playing and working with others and discover the joy of learning and discovery. Toddlers are fully immersed in Spanish during their school day. Mixed age classroom also available as a transitional program for young toddlers ages 12 months and up.


Ages 2.9 (by start of school) —4 years old 1:10 Teacher/Student ratio While in Preschool at SELA, students continue to build on skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, music, and art. Students gain a global perspective of the world around them as they explore other cultures and are immersed in a second language.


Age 4 (by September 1st)—5.5 years old 1:10 Teacher/Student ratio A Kindergarten preparatory program: JuniorK students are fully immersed in Spanish throughout their day, and full-time students are introduced to a third language, Mandarin. The curriculum provides an introduction to Kindergarten level reading, writing, and mathematics, focusing heavily on exploration and discovery through thematic units and is aligned with Massachusetts’ Kindergarten Common Core standards.