School of Early Global Education

SELA’s Open Enrollment Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year and Summer Camp opens January 2024.

The Early Years is an inspiring and special time for our children as they embark on their learning pathway! Learning is a lifelong journey, and our Early Years Team at Sela feels privileged to help build these foundations on a daily basis.

At Sela, we nurture each child’s natural growth to instill confidence and enable them to tackle daily challenges, learning through hands-on experiences and fostering a love for learning.

Our Early Global Education program immerses students in Spanish from the beginning, covering literacy, numeracy, and shapes. By ages 4-5, students achieve reading and writing skills that will lead them to graduate at a beginner reading level. This foundation facilitates an easy transition of these skills to their English reading and writing abilities. During these years, they are also introduced to the third language, Mandarin…


Ages 3 months – 14 months

2:7 Teacher/ Student ratio

The Infant Program marks the initial phase of a comprehensive educational journey. As our students are immersed in the Spanish language, they undergo the development of various social skills. Simultaneously, they learn to engage in play and collaboration with others, exploring fundamental concepts in math, science, music, and art.

Teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring the joy of learning and discovery every day through exploration and hands-on projects. This assistance helps our younger students foster development across all aspects of their personalities, serving as a crucial stage for them to adapt to school and, subsequently, achieve success in their educational endeavors.


Ages 12 months—2.8 years 

2:9 Teacher/Student ratio 

Mixed age classroom are available as a transitional program for young toddlers ages 12 months and up. 

The Toddler Program commences with learning and exploration through hands-on projects, where students are encouraged to employ their natural curiosity to investigate and discover the world. Alongside mathematics, science, and language arts, the development of coordination, social skills, and emotional skills is emphasized and integrated into daily routines. Through this approach, children thrive and gain confidence as they grow. Additionally, students delight in exploring the arts, including music, throughout the day.


Ages 2.9 (by start of school) —4 years old 

1:10 Teacher/Student ratio 

In our Preschool program, our students learn to express themselves more accurately, complete more demanding tasks, and experience satisfaction when they achieve milestones that demonstrate their growth and progress.

Teachers are meticulous in creating an environment that caters to each child, offering surroundings and activities that foster growth within a stimulating learning setting that encourages independence. Specially planned activities encompass a range of skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, music, and art. These activities are designed to engage students in projects and experimentation.


Age 4 (by September 1st)—5.5 years old 

1:10 Teacher/Student ratio 

A Kindergarten preparatory program: 

JuniorK students experience full immersion in Spanish throughout their day. Full-time students are also introduced to a third language, Mandarin. The curriculum offers an introduction to Kindergarten-level reading, writing, and mathematics. The focus is on exploration and discovery through thematic units, and it aligns with Massachusetts’ Kindergarten Common Core standards.