At SELA, we provide each child with a unique and personal learning experience. Every student will receive a full immersion education of the highest academic quality, through an engaging curriculum that inspires and motivates them to strive for knowledge and understanding and prepares them for challenging higher-level work. SELA students will grow to be bilingual, globally competent citizens.

Our Values

Multilingual: We immerse our students in a second and third language through play, research, and hands-on experimentation. We communicate confidently and creatively, in more than one language. 

Community: We build strong relationships between students, teachers, and parents creating a genuine feeling of family. We value opinions and foster a warm and friendly environment. 

Inquiry: We nurture curiosity, developing skills for exploration and research. 

Caring: We show empathy, compassion, and respect. We commit to service, and we act to make a positive difference. 

Principled: We act with integrity, honesty, and we respect others. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences. 

Open-Minded: We appreciate our own cultures, as well as the values and traditions of others. We seek and evaluate a range of points of view and grow from the experience. 

Balanced: We balance all aspects of our lives – intellectual, physical, social, and emotional – to achieve well-being for ourselves.

We are Global Citizens

At SELA, we put emphasis on developing the whole child, to establish a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. An emotional intelligence component is built into the SELA curriculum, which will help students to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Every month our students are introduced to, understand, and practice the

Core values that make SELA a unique and strong academic community. Students are exposed to activities, literature and songs to support these values.