SELA’s Elementary School offers a private, immersion education for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5.

SELA’s Elementary offers a Spanish language-based education aligned with the MA common core curriculum standards that prepare students to be eloquent communicators and impactful contributors in a rapidly changing, increasingly global society. SELA students engage in a small group (average of 12 students per class), project-based, experiential, inquiry-based learning, and master a rich curriculum while acquiring the skills to communicate across multiple fields, disciplines and cultures. 

Elementary students experience the following subjects during their school day

  • • Spanish (Literature, Grammar, and Conversation)
  • • Chinese Mandarin (Vocabulary, Literature and Conversation)
  • • English (Literature, Writing, and Grammar)
  • • US and World History
  • • Geography
  • • Math
  • • Science
  • • Lunch & Recess

Students also experience the following Specialist subjects on a daily, rotating basis:

  • • Music
  • • Art
  • • Physical Education