Welcome to SELA: The International Private School!

At SELA, we treat every child that walks through our doors as an individual. Experience has taught me that every child has a unique learning style and absorbs information in a way that makes sense for him or her. We work with each student to help them succeed both academically and socially, as an individual and as part of a group.

Our immersion environment helps children to improve their cognitive and critical thinking skills, while developing proficiency in their target language. Research shows that children learning a second language often surpass their peers who study the same content solely in their native language.

Not only do SELA students develop proficiency in a second language, but they grow to become global citizens – truly understanding the world around them and gaining an appreciation for all cultures through hands-on learning and exploration.

The best way to experience what sets SELA apart from other schools is to visit! I encourage you to schedule a time to see our school in action.

Our door is always open.

Sandra P. Baldeon
Founder, Executive Director