Career Opportunities at SELA

SELA: The International Private School is always seeking highly skilled, educators and administrators.

SELA takes great pride in attracting, developing and retaining the best faculty and staff possible to enable us to achieve our collective vision.

SELA might be a great fit for you if…

  • You love working with children
  • Enjoy connecting with and appreciate diverse individuals
  • Are a creative and determined problem-solver
  • Are passionate about continuous learning

Come join our ever growing school, now with two locations!

Open Positions


SCHOOL SECRETARY/Administrative – Apply Here!

The job of School Secretary/Receptionist is for the purpose/s of providing secretarial and administrative support to the Administration; communicating information to students, parents, staff, and others; ensuring compliance with financial, legal, and administrative requirements; and supporting the broad array of services provided to students, parents, instructional and support employees. Essential Functions Maintain attendance/sick days for students and personnel.Organize, coordinate and schedule various office activities to assist the Administration with tasks, and prepare and accurately maintain multiple reports, records, and files relating to students, operations, and activities. Communicate with parents, teaching staff, students, board members, and the publicPerform clerical duties for the school administration and teaching staffAnswer phones, coordinate meetings, and complete general office tasksSchedule maintenance of office equipment and maintain office suppliesCollects fees and funds from student events (e.g., field trips, uniforms, ticket sales, yearbooks, dances, fundraisers, student fee money, etc.) to ensure transaction accuracy and timely completion. Compiles data from various sources (e.g., calendars, meetings, etc.) to comply with administrative requirements.

Coordinates various programs and activities to ensure facilities and equipment availability and deliver services conformance to established guidelines. Greets all incoming visitors to ensure that guests sign-in/out as required. Maintains a variety of computerized and manual records, files, and department databases (e.g., information packets, rosters/listings, calendars, outstanding supply orders, etc.) to document activities, providing reliable information and complying with district, state, and federal requirements. Maintains the inventory of supplies and materials (e.g., forms, office supplies, etc.) to ensure items availability.

Orients new personnel regarding appropriate school and district practices (e.g., directions, building procedures, etc.) to effectively assimilate new personnel into school operations. Performs record keeping and general clerical functions (e.g., scheduling, copying, faxing, mailings, etc.) to provide information and materials as needed. Prepares a wide variety of reports and written materials (e.g., correspondence, agendas, minutes, newsletters, Parent Handbooks, bulletins, programs, financial statements, annual reports, master calendar, etc.) to document activities, providing written references, and conveying information by district, state, federal and administrative requirements. Processes a variety of fiscal information (e.g., incoming invoices, purchase orders/requisitions, refund requests, special payment requests, student fees, cash receipts, AR invoicing, statements, etc.) to update information, transmit information, and comply with district, state and federal requirements.

Processes documentation and materials (e.g., mail, supplies, registrations, collections, work orders, forms, field trip forms, receipts, bank deposits, student database updates, requisitions, travel requests, etc.) to disseminate information to appropriate parties for action. Responds to inquiries from various internal and external parties (e.g., staff, parents, students, public agencies, etc.) to provide information, facilitate communication among departments and provide direction as may be required. Schedules various activities (e.g., meetings, testing arrangements, assemblies, special programs, referral appointments, etc.) to assist in meeting staff needs and efficiently utilizing personnel, equipment and facilities. Supports Executive Director, Directors, and other administrative personnel to assist with administrative functions.

Prepare correspondence, forms, manuals, schedules, contracts, and reports for the director of human resources. Prepare recruitment and new-hire packets. Initiate and maintain physical and computerized departmental files for all employees and applicants, including verification of completeness of files. Responsible for the online application process, including verifying completeness of files, sending acknowledgment cards, and notifying those not selected for employment.

Assist with the purging of inactive HR records.Process requests for official student records, including maintaining a log of requests for documents. Coordinate the assignment of student teachers, observers, and field experience requests from local universities and preparation programs. Post job vacancies on various other professional/educational websites as applicable. Maintain confidentiality of information.Other duties as assigned.

Disseminates information to Administration, staff, and the Cooperative, increasing effective practices and communication.Maintains open and positive relationships through verbal and written contacts and materials. Provides ongoing communication to faculty and Directors on policy matters and all benefit programs and eligibility procedures. Extends an appropriate public relations image on behalf of the directorWorking directly with new staff hires to complete all paperwork necessary. Updates the staff database and maintains accurate staff lists.Maintains staff files in an updated and orderly manner, including activating new staff files and deactivating records.Works directly with Technology consultants on any email additions/changes/problems.Compiles new applicant database and documentation.Compiles new hire packets, including all forms to be processed and insurance packets.Works directly with the director to ensure appropriate placement of substitute teachers or paraprofessionals.

Achieves identifiable contributions in the areas of responsibility and accomplishes measurable task performance. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Human Resources. Annually by the Director of Human Education, their designee. Attends meetings as assigned to convey and gather information required to perform functions.

Maintains office equipment, tools, and work areas (e.g., cleaning, load supplies, clearing paper jams, etc.) to ensure a safe working environment and the availability of items within a specific time frame.

Early Education

SELA: The International Private School is a Full Immersion Spanish, Mandarin, and English private school in Hingham, MA. We are currently seeking a dedicated, qualified, Spanish-speaking Infant/Toddler teacher. In this advantageous position, you will assume ultimate responsibility for teaching children the targeted languages (Spanish, and creating lesson plans according to SELA’s curriculum.)

The ideal candidate for this position will possess high professional standards and believe that the care they provide is invaluable. In addition, we seek a teacher who has demonstrated the ability to establish effective relationships with children.

This position requires excellent leadership, organizational, and communication skills in Spanish and the ability to provide exceptional attention to the education and care of our children and families.

Our teachers
Teach SELA’s curriculum across multiple subjects in a Bilingual or trilingual classroom that engages all learners in meaningful, age-appropriate activities that cultivate 21st-century skills
Create Lesson Plans in the target language that cover all the manners of learning visual, audio, or kinesthetic.
On-going formal and informal assessments of the Students on how well they can meet the objectives of the target language lesson.
Increased coherence among the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language Standards.


Job Requirements

•  Native English Speaker (Bi-Lingual Preferred, but not a requirement)
Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education
2 Years Experience Teaching Age Group 9mos-15mos
Must have license for age group
Must be familiar with Developing an Infant/Toddler Curriculum

  • Be of sufficient physical, mental, and emotional health to perform job duties satisfactorily

  • Must meet all state of licensing requirements and satisfy the mandatory physical and background checks as required by State and Company regulations and policies

  • Have a strong commitment to education

  • Support and educational environment that encourages an atmosphere of imagination, creativity, and care

  • Excellent leadership, organizational, and communication skills

  • No experience required

  • Bachelor degree preferred

  • Citizenship, residency or work visa required

SELA elementary teachers job responsibilities:

Curriculum Preparation: (Core Knowledge- Science-English-Art-Music)
b)Create the Lesson Plans according to our Methodology, core knowledge, and SELA Spanish curriculum.
c)Create lessons plans with differentiation for all levels of learning (advanced, not advanced)
d)Create homework according to the educational plan and provide differentiated homework to students of various levels
e)Evaluate the current curriculum and adapt this to students in the class.
f)Research, plan, and develop age-appropriate activities for lesson plans in conjunction with the Team.
g)Create activities into lesson plans that support children’s development and the current curriculum
h)Review Terranova standards
i)Review last year’s Terranova scores in your subject area to understand the concepts that children need to improve, or they already have grasped
j)Evaluate the areas that the subject will need to work in to improve our internal scores from Terranova
k)Prepare and administer assessments that are curriculum-aligned
grade assessments and assignments
l)Keep current with district and state standardized testing and maximize student achievement on these tests.
m)Administer standardized tests
n)Monitor performance and progress and modify instructional methods to meet individual needs where necessary
o)keep parents or guardians informed of students’ academic progress and social and behavioral issues
p)coordinate parent/teacher conferences to review students’ progress

Elementary Education

If you don’t see a position in your field, feel free send forward your cover letter and resume to! They will get back to you as soon as possible!

As an employer, SELA offers...

  • Professional development opportunities 
  • • Health, dental, and vision, benefits
  • • Tuition discount
  • Life insurance
  • IRA after 2 years
  • Paid holidays
  • Vacation time

Internships at SELA

SELA welcomes applications for its Internship program, an opportunity for students currently in high school or college to gain valuable work experience in an educational setting.

Participants will have the opportunity to intern in one of the following areas: Admissions, Marketing, Human Resources, Early Education, and Elementary Education. 

To learn more about our formal internship program click here

Staff Development

SELA believes in actively supporting faculty and staff development opportunities. Some examples include:

  • • Monthly training with their Directors
  • • Certification Trainings
  • • Lead Teachers Trainings