SELA’s Elementary Curriculum (K-5)

SELA’s Elementary Curriculum offers a Spanish language-based education aligned with the MA Common Core Curriculum Standards that prepares students to be eloquent communicators and impactful contributors in a rapidly changing, increasingly global society. Students engage in project-based, experiential, inquiry-based learning and master a rich curriculum while acquiring the skills to communicate across multiple fields, disciplines, and cultures.

STEM: Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Science: The science curriculum, Core Knowledge Science, implements the most recent Next Generation Science Standards. With small class sizes, project-based learning is at the forefront, while students get to explore and explain in the science lab daily.
Mathematics: SELA implements a unique, advanced, and hands-on mathematics curriculum for all grade levels. In each grade level, hands-on and project-based learning are constantly fostered within real-world learning applications, pairing “why?” and “how?” with the “what?” of learning.
Technology & the Scratch Program: Students interact with technology throughout their day in a variety of ways. Regular visits to the technology lab, interacting with Smartboards in each classroom, and participating in their weekly Scratch programming class.

Language and Culture

English Studies: SELA’s English Studies adheres to the Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum. It includes the study of grammar, usage, and style, literature, English composition, and sociolinguistics, including discourse analysis of written and spoken texts.

Spanish Studies: Students obtain mastery of Spanish as their second language through immersion education. SELA’s Spanish curriculum is based on a Native Original from Spain, offering an organic, rigorous, and authentic learning experience that promotes fluency at all levels of communication, year-round.

Mandarin: SELA’s custom-written Mandarin program focuses on proficiency at four levels of communication: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Mandarin is taught to students daily and is seen as a core class here at SELA rather than an elective, allowing students to graduate with a level of proficiency in this third language.

Specials: We believe that specials are an integral part of a student’s daily schedule. We offer three separate and incredibly unique programs: music, art, and physical education. All specials are taught in a full Spanish immersion style to ensure that they promote and yield fluency while exploring various subjects and topics in a fun and hands-on way.